Hydrogen Atlantic Corporation

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Hydrogen Atlantic Corporation 
200 S. Biscayne Blvd
Suite 5500
Miami Florida 33131

GAME-CHANGER : Hydrogen Processing, Storage & Transmission of Green Energy.

We have developed proprietary new Hydrogen Onshore & Offshore Green Pipeline Transmission Hydrogen Energy Technology. Our Offshore Green Hydrogen Energy Plant/Platform/Storage Tank can hold over 150 Million Cubic Feet of Stored Hydrogen.

Our dual 10' diameter Pipelines can deliver Enough Energy to power a city of 20 million population. Our pipelines have a PSI Rating of 35,000 psi. We are looking to lease/sell our proprietary pipeline design Technology to the biggest Oil Companies on a exclusionary basis.

We would prefer that Only the top 12 energy companies in the world will control, over see the planning and execution of this new Ground Breaking Hydrogen Technology. This new Technology is going to take the biggest energy Companies in the world with their decades of technical and man power experience to be able to execute a project of this magnitude. However, we would like to also work with cutting-edge companies who can contribute to this massive undertaking.

We want to see the big Twelve work together and build this new Technology throughout the world with countries and companies that have a invested interest in a ( NET-ZERO CARBON FREE ) goal by 2035.

Our Proprietary Transmission Pipelines Delievery of massive amounts of Hydrogen from Both Onshore and Offshore Green Hydrogen Wind Farms from 700+ miles out from sea and land to gain the upper advantage of consistent maximum Wind velocities.

Truly We Have Cracked The Code on the Storage and Transmission of Massive Amounts of Green Hydrogen on a Global Scale. Hydrogen Atlantic Corporation, join us on our maiden Voyage to a Net-Zero Carbon Free World.

Hydrogen Atlantic Corporation 200 S. Biscayne Blvd Suite 5500 Miami Florida 33131


| Position= CEO-Chairman | Name= James Everett Dunbar | Website= http://hydrogenatlantic.com | Email= J.everettdunbar@gmail.com | Phone= 786-224-9784


| Position= President & Founder | Name= Todd R. Nelson | Website= http://hydrogenatlantic.com | Email= todd.nelson1988@gmail.com | Phone= 763-784-4792