Hungary-Employment Impacts of a Large-Scale Deep Building Retrofit Programme

From Open Energy Information

"The goal of the present research was to gauge the net employment impacts of a largescale deep building energy-efficiency renovation programme in Hungary. The deep renovation of a massive amount of Hungarian buildings – beyond its other significant benefits such as reducing or eliminating fuel poverty and improving energy security – is expected to have a consistent impact on employment:

  • Directly, by the creation of many new jobs in the construction industry;
  • Indirectly, on all the sectors that supply materials and services to the construction industry itself;
  • In addition, the savings caused by the reduction in energy consumption, plus the

additional consumption fuelled by the wages of the additional jobs created, will increase the disposable income of the families; income that, when spent, will generate additional induced benefits to employment. These are referred to as induced effects."


  1.  "Hungary-Employment Impacts of a Large-Scale Deep Building Retrofit Programme"