How Communities Manage Forests

From Open Energy Information


"The idea for this publication came from the realisation that very little published literature on community forestry exists in Ukrainian, at the same time that there is growing interest in the subject, and a demand for information about experiences in other countries. The text that follows is a first attempt to provide such information. The countries highlighted were selected on the basis of our professional contacts or experience, combined with certain characteristics that would make them particularly interesting to a Ukrainian audience familiar with the challenges of forestry in Ukraine, particularly in the Carpathian (mountainous) region. Thus, for example, the forests in most of the countries included are temperate (or at least important areas are), and are often located on steeply sloping land. We also deliberately chose to include experiences from a number of European countries, and from countries that are moving out of a formerly centralised, socialist economy. Many of the examples, although not all, are linked to Swiss development efforts. The selection was not intended to be fully representative of worldwide experience in community forestry, but it nevertheless provides a fairly broad overview."


  1.  "Community Forests"