Help:Deleting pages

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Proposed deletion is the way to suggest that an article is a candidate for uncontroversial deletion. If nobody objects, the article is deleted after seven days.

There are three steps to the proposed deletion process
  1. An article or other page is nominated when an editor carefully reviews the article and inserts the following tag at the top of the page: {{PleaseDelete}}. Adding this tag lists the page in Category:Proposed deletion. A reason for deletion can be passed as an optional string, following a | in the tag. For example: {{PleaseDelete|Contains inappropriate or outdated content.}}.
  2. If anybody objects to the deletion (usually by removing the {{PleaseDelete}} tag, the proposal is aborted and may not be re-proposed.
  3. The article is first checked and then deleted by an administrator within 7 days of the proposal. It may be undeleted upon request.

Selecting pages for deletion

When choosing pages to be deleted, please consider your reasons for deletion and the alternatives to deletion, including whether or not editing the article, merging it with another article, or removing a specific portion of it are more appropriate.

Objecting to proposed deletion

To object to and therefore prevent a proposed deletion, remove the {{PleaseDelete}} tag from the article. Please explain why you disagree with the proposed deletion in the edit summary and consider improving the article to address the concerns raised.

See Category:Proposed deletion for the listing of all articles currently proposed for deletion.