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The Green Button

Green Button is the common-sense idea that electricity customers should be able to download their own detailed household or building electricity usage information from their utility website, in a common consumer- and computer-friendly format.

With the Green Button initiative, energy providers are giving customers easy and secure online access to their personal energy use data. The program is the response from participating utilities to a challenge issued by the White House in 2011. The Green Button appears on the websites of participating utilities. Utility customers who log in and click the button are able to retrieve and download their personal energy use information.

The program also offers opportunity for developers and third parties to design Green Button Applications that can use the energy use data from customers, should they decide to upload and/or share it.

Participating Green Button Utility Providers

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Utility Provider
Service Territory


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Green Button Utility Participation Map

Utility service territory boundaries sourced by Ventyx Energy Velocity Suite, ©2012.
current as of 10/15/2012

Map of Participating Green Button Utility Providers

Downloading Green Button Data

In order for customers to access green button energy use data their utility provider must participate in the program. Utility providers who do will display the green button on their webpage. The utility customer data may vary, depending on what their utility provider offers. Some may require that a smart meter be installed at the customer's home and connected to the network, while others may provide downloadable monthly data.

Green Button How To

Green Button Download My Data

  • Customers can log into their account on the utility website and click the green button. They will be asked to select the standardized download format. Provided the customer has the energy use history to do so, up to 13 months of data can be downloaded.
  • Customers then save the data as a file on their computer. Once the data is downloaded it can also be shared or used with third party Green Button Applications
Green Button How To

Green Button Connect My Data

  • Allows customers to grant third party developers and service providers direct access to their Green Button data.
  • Access is granted for a specified period of time, and customer has the right to revoke third party access at any time.

Benefits of Adopting the Green Button

The Green Button program offers unique differences and improvements over previous data access for customers.

First, is the availability of detailed energy use data. Utility customers are able to securely access their energy use data from the web.

Second, is the offering of energy use data in a detailed and standardized format. The Green Button program uses standards that were developed by industry in a consensus process and was supported and accelerated by a public-private partnership, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.[1]

Third, is the ability for customers to share their energy use data with third parties and developers. The standardization of the data allows for easy exchange of data between consumers and third parties. The hope is that this sharing of data will foster and encourage energy awareness for consumers and innovation among application developers.

Use of Green Button Data

The ease of access to energy use will be useful for:

  • Saving Money: understanding home energy usage and finding ways to reduce electricity consumption and reduce bills;
  • Insight: entrepreneur-created web portals that can analyze energy usage and provide actionable tips;
  • Heating and Cooling: customized heating and cooling activities for savings and comfort;
  • Education: community and student energy-efficiency competitions;
  • Retrofits: improved decision-support tools to facilitate energy-efficiency retrofits;
  • Verification: measurement of energy-efficiency investments;
  • Real Estate: provision of energy costs for tenants and/or new home purchasers; and
  • Solar: optimize the size and cost-effectiveness of rooftop solar panels.[1]

Green Button data will support energy audits for both homes and businesses.[2] Consumers can also use a growing array of new web and smartphone tools to make more informed energy decisions, optimize the size and cost-effectiveness of solar panels for their home, or verify that energy-efficiency retrofit investments are performing as promised.[3]

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