Global Climate and Energy Project

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Global Climate and Energy Project is an organization based in Stanford, California: Energy Resources.

The Global Climate & Energy Project (GCEP) was launched at Stanford University in 2002. The GCEP mission is to conduct fundamental research on technologies that will permit the development of global energy systems with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The GCEP includes participation by four international companies: ExxonMobil, General Electric, Schlumberger, and Toyota. The project represents a unique collaboration among energy experts from across the globe, from both private industry and research institutions. GCEP sponsors will invest a total of $225 million over the course of a decade to support the exploration of "energy technologies that are efficient, environmentally benign, and cost-effective when deployed on a large scale."

Project statistics, as of September 2009:

  • $119M funding allocated to GCEP
  • 66 full-term research programs
  • 21 exploratory research activities
  • 27 institutions
  • 18 Stanford departments
  • 107 investigators (59 at Stanford, 48 at GCEP-funded external Institutions)
  • Over 300 graduate and post-doctoral students
  • 17 patent applications, two patents issued.
  • 227 Peer-Reviewed Publications and 316 Presentations at meetings


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