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Conference Paper: Geothermal Resource Exploration And Definition Project

The Geothermal Resource Exploration and Definition (GRED) project is a cooperative DOEhdustry project to find, evaluate, and define additional geothermal resources throughout the western United States. The ultimate goal is to aid in the development of geographically diverse geothermal resources and increase electrical power generation from geothermal resources in the continental United States. The project was initiated in April 2000 with a solicitation for industry participation in the project, and this solicitation resulted in seven successful awards in four different states. Projects consist of up to three phases, including (1) exploration and site selection, (2) drilling of a test well, and (3) testing and assessment. The seven ongoing projects are located at Rye Patch, NV, Blue Mountain, NV, Cove Fort/Sulphurdale, UT, Fourmile Hill, CA, Steamboat Springs, NV, Steamboat Hills, NV, and Lightning Dock, NM. By providing cost-shared funding of exploration and initial drilling, the DOE is attempting to mitigate the risk of initial project development in order to encourage the accessing of new geocal power, (b) the production of geothermal energy from new locations within currently producing states, or even (c) the extension of existing geothermal reservoirs into untapped regions.

N. R. Warpinski, A. R. Sattlerl and D. A. Sanchez

GRC, 2002

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N. R. Warpinski,A. R. Sattlerl,D. A. Sanchez. 2002. Geothermal Resource Exploration And Definition Project. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)

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