Geobotanical Remote Sensing For Geothermal Exploration

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Book: Geobotanical Remote Sensing For Geothermal Exploration

This paper presents a plan for increasing the mapped resource base for geothermal exploration in the Western US. We plan to image large areas in the western US with recently developed high resolution hyperspectral geobotanical remote sensing tools. The proposed imaging systems have the ability to map visible faults, surface effluents, historical signatures, and discover subtle hidden faults and hidden thermal systems. Large regions can be imaged at reasonable costs. The technique of geobotanical remote sensing for geothermal signatures is based on recent successes in mapping faults and effluents the Long Valley Caldera and Mammoth Mountain in California.

W. L. Pickles, P. W. Kasamayer, B. A. Martini, D. C. Potts and E. A. Silver

Geothermal Technologies Legacy Collection, 2001

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W. L. Pickles,P. W. Kasamayer,B. A. Martini,D. C. Potts,E. A. Silver. 2001. Geobotanical Remote Sensing For Geothermal Exploration. (!) : Geothermal Technologies Legacy Collection. (!) p.

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