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Freedom Field is a not-for-profit research and demonstration organization based in Rockford, Illinois: Energy Resources.

Freedom Field: Purpose & Mission[edit]

The role of the organization is to facilitate the development and operation of a center demonstrating a variety renewable energy solutions. The ultimate goal of Freedom Field is to increase awareness of renewable energy opportunities, particularly at the regional-level, and to facilitate development and commercialization of renewable energy solutions.

More specifically, Freedom Field was designed to:

  • Install & characterize renewable energy technologies
  • Produce operational data for analysis
  • Integrate and test complementary technologies as viable systems
  • Optimize for production, installation, and service
  • Develop regional projects that use these technologies and systems
  • Create education and outreach programs


  • PV Solar Panel Installation 12.3 Kw PRW
  • Windspire Vertical Axis 1.2 Kw
  • Live Data from Solar Air Conditioning
  • Staging Panel
  • Thermal Solar Installation Roof
  • Radiant Floor Heater
  • Absorption Cooling System
  • Bi-Directional Electrical Storage (Chemical Battery)System 800 amp hours

On-Site Data, Collected Every 5 Minutees[edit]

You can view a live data dashboard at Freedom Field by clicking here.

You can also download a sample dataset from OpenEI's Datasets section that includes all monitored data from Freedom Field for one 24-hour period (June 14, 2011).


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