Fenix (Smart Grid Project) (Slovenia)

From Open Energy Information


The objective of FENIX is to boost DER (Distributed Energy Resources) by maximizing their contribution to the electric power system, through aggregation into Large Scale Virtual Power Plants (LSVPP) and decentralized management. The project is organized in three phases: •â¤ Analysis of the DER contribution to the electrical system, assessed in two future scenarios (Northern and Southern) with realistic DER penetration; •â¤ Development of a layered communication and control solution validated for a comprehensive set of network use cases , including normal and abnormal operation, as well as recommendations to adapt international power standards; •â¤ Validation through 2 large field deployments, one focused on domestic CHP aggregation, and the second aggregating large DER in LSVPPs (wind farms, industrial cogeneration), integrated with global network management and markets.


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