Event:Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022

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The ocean represents a vast and largely untapped resource, which is being explored as a source of low carbon renewable energy. There is much research within the ocean science community into resource characterization and the interaction of energy conversion technologies with the ocean environment. We seek contributions spanning a broad range of topics relating to marine renewable energy, including offshore wind, wave, ocean current and tidal resources over timescales ranging from semi-diurnal to decadal, and feedbacks between the resource and energy extraction at both device and array scale. The session also seeks discussions on the application of ocean energy for ocean instrumentation/observation, powering off-grid buoys, unpiloted surface and underwater vehicles, and desalination. This session will gather and relate research methods and results from investigations into field techniques, and numerical/statistical modeling used to assess interactions of marine renewable energy with ocean processes. The session will also include studies of physical impacts (e.g., impacts on sedimentary systems), and societal interactions (e.g., marine spatial planning). We also invite innovative research on ocean energy arrays/sites for co-located applications (e.g., offshore wind combined with aquaculture) that would benefit from combined infrastructure and reduced levelized costs. Cross listed Tracks: Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Sediment Processes; Ocean Policy and the Blue Economy; Physical-Biological Interactions Keywords: Descriptive and regional oceanography; Numerical modeling

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Name Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022
Date 2022/02/27
EndDate 2022/03/04
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
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