Event:Marine Renewables Canada 2020 Conference

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As the dialogue around economic recovery evolves, there is an increasing role for emerging renewable energy sectors like marine renewables to contribute towards job creation, industrial development, and a resilient future for Canada. It is an optimal time to focus on how we can build back better through initiatives that support dual objectives of stimulating the economy and acting on climate change. Over the past few weeks there has been exciting news on new projects, research and science initiatives to support regulatory predictability, and initiatives that span the country to support tidal and river current energy technology development. For this year, a one day Fall Forum will be hosted in lieu of the annual conference to support its members and the industry.

Event Details
Name Marine Renewables Canada 2020 Conference
Date 2020/11/03
EndDate 2020/11/05
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia
IsPrimreEvent Yes
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