Direct-Current Resistivity At Clear Lake Area (Skokan, 1993)

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Exploration Activity: Direct-Current Resistivity At Clear Lake Area (Skokan, 1993)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Clear Lake Area
Exploration Technique Direct-Current Resistivity Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Several direct-current, bipole-dipole surveys were carried out in the area. These field measurements (Rapolla and Keller, 1984) were combined by spatially averaging apparent resistivities on a one kilometer grid ( Fig. 6 ). The authors felt that local geologic noise could be reduced and large-scale features would be emphasized by this averaging. The most significant feature which resulted was a clear electrical signature of the Collayomi Fault. In general, lower resistivities were present to the north and east of the Collayomi Fault which could be attributed to a thick sequence of the Great Valley sequence in the region of Mount Konocti.

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