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Data on OpenEI

OpenEI is a trusted source of energy data, specifically for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Users can view, edit, add data – and download data for free. We invite you to join our user community and get involved. With your help, we can provide the most current information needed to make informed decisions on energy, market investment, and technology development. Your data may also help create new businesses, build innovative tools and inspire new analyses.

Data Quality

Data quality is key to the success of OpenEI, and we are making every effort to ensure that only validated data with referenced sources are included in the platform. The user community can help expand the data and increase accuracy, which is what really strengthens this platform. In addition, we have data/content experts who will help evaluate submissions. Our information is enhanced by additional data that we are linking to via the semantic web, which encourages collaboration.

Open Data

Open data is part of the core mission for OpenEI; accordingly, there are numerous resources for accessing open data on OpenEI. Some of the most accessed data on OpenEI comes from these resources:

Data Catalogs

OpenEI is a key supporter of, and contributor to, several data catalogs. These catalogs include: data collected under guidance of the U.S. Department of Energy, publicly released data from NREL, as well as open data submissions from researchers and contributors.