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NEPA Document Collection for: DOE-EA-1961

Kalispell-Kerr Transmission Line Rebuild EA for Geothermal/Transmission

Proposed Action

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) proposes to rebuild the Kalispell-Kerr 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Flathead and Lake counties, Montana. This 41-mile long transmission line is owned and operated by BPA. The line begins at the BPA Kalispell Substation and ends at the BPA Kerr Substation, approximately 4 miles southwest of the city of Polson (see project map below). The rebuild is needed because the transmission line, which was built in 1947, is old and the existing wood-pole structures and electrical wires (conductors) show normal deterioration due to age. Rebuilding this transmission line would enable BPA to continue to provide reliable electric power to local utilities.

The project would include replacing wood-pole transmission structures, associated structural components, and conductors. The wood-pole transmission structures consist of either two or three wood poles. The existing structures would be replaced with structures of similar design within or near to their existing locations. Some existing access roads would need to be improved to provide construction access and some new access roads may be needed to access structures for which BPA currently does not have adequate access. The rebuilt transmission line would continue to operate at 115-kV.

Data Completion Notes

8/15 No EA doc. Only EA Determination Memo

8/27/13. This is not a geothermal project. Should be deleted.