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OpenEI is a global knowledge-sharing community working together to connect people with the latest information and data on energy resources. Even if you're not an energy expert, you may have some information that could help our community continue to grow. Maybe we don't yet have the rate structure for your electric utility -- you can add it. Maybe you know about a new wind farm or geothermal facility that was recently developed -- you can add that information here. Or maybe you're attending an upcoming energy-related conference -- add details about that event to OpenEI.

And don't worry, you don't need to know how to edit information using the wiki; we've created easy-to-use forms so that you can share your knowledge in a matter of minutes. Be a part of the OpenEI community and contribute now!

Utility Rates

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OpenEI is home to the Utility Rate Database (URDB), the first and only free, publicly available resource for U.S. utility rates. To date, 12 rates have been contributed to the URDB. Not only can you browse the database, you can edit existing utility rates and even add new rates.

Click Here for more information about the Utilities Gateway and Utility Rates.


Add a Tool

OpenEI uses the term Tools to categorize a variety of resources and materials ranging from guidance documents, to online calculators, to stories of lessons-learned, to webinars. These Tools come in many forms: reports, desktop applications, websites, spreadsheets and more. The underlying theme for anything classified as a Tool in OpenEI is that it contains energy-related information that may be useful for decision-making, teaching (and learning), performing calculations, or implementing new programs or policies.

Currently, OpenEI has a collection of 1638 globally-generated resources and materials that fall into the category Tools.

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Add an Event

OpenEI users can add information about upcoming energy-related events to share with the OpenEI community.

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Add Definition

OpenEI provides a Glossary of energy-related terms. Our glossary is ever-expanding, and you can help by adding and a definition!

Energy Generation Facility

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Currently, OpenEI has information about 2634 Energy Generation Facilities in the U.S. Click Here to view them all.

Do you know of a facility not listed? Add it now!

Incentives and Policies for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

OpenEI is the source of record for federal, state, utility, and even some local incentives and policies implemented to advance renewable energy installations and energy efficiency programs throughout the country. Anyone can add or edit incentives, which are reviewed by subject matter experts from North Carolina State University that have worked on the collection and dissemination of incentive information since 1995 (DSIRE).

The incentive programs are categorized as Financial Incentives (both energy efficiency programs as well as renewable energy programs), which include rebates, loan programs, and tax incentives; or as Rules, Regulations & Policies. Click Here to view Rules, Regulations & Policy Types.

Financial Incentives

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Click Here to view all Financial Incentive Programs listed in OpenEI.

Rules, Regulations and Policies

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Click Here for all Rules, Regulations & Policies Incentive Programs listed in OpenEI.

Companies & Organizations

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Throughout the world there are thousands and thousands of companies, networking organizations, research and development institutions, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations involved in the energy sector. OpenEI is trying to collect a list of all energy-related organizations. While OpenEI does have information about 18837 of them, there are many more out there. You can help by adding information about an energy-related organization you're familiar with.

Click Here for a list of organizations and companies already in OpenEI.

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