Compendium of US Policy Best Practices

From Open Energy Information

"The Compendium of Best Practices gives concrete examples of how US states and cities are successfully promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy . It is the culmination of a process of extensive outreach, data gathering, and analysis conducted to identify the best practices, and making them accessible with easy-to-understand descriptions.

The report describes more than 20 specific practices and examples of their effective implementation in states or cities. The practices are grouped into five broad areas:

  1. local policies, rules and regulations
  2. approaches to financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  3. practices addressing utility regulation and transmission issues
  4. state and local efforts to lead by example in their own operations
  5. three examples of exemplary low-carbon cities: San Francisco, Austin and Seattle"


  1.  "REEEP Compendium of U.S. Best Practices"