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Colorado Department of Transportation is an organization based in Denver, Colorado: Energy Resources.

"The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for a 9,146 mile highway system, including 3,447 bridges. Each year, this system handles over 27.4 billion vehicle miles of travel. Although the Interstate system accounts for only about 10 percent (914 miles) of the total mileage on the state system, 40 percent of all travel takes place on our Interstate highways.

CDOT's highway construction program attracts private contractors and the low bidder is awarded the project and in turn is responsible for construction of that project. This partnership between government and business works well as we improve and expand our transportation system.

CDOT maintenance forces take care of the highway system, plowing snow and repairing pavement. Last winter, these men and women plowed 6.8 million miles of highway. They also repaired road damage and potholes, using more than 220,571 tons of asphalt and 1.7 million gallons of liquid asphalt in preservation activities.

CDOT is more than roads and bridges. The Division of Aeronautics supports aviation interests statewide, including grants to help improve local airports. CDOT's Division of Transit and Rail provides assistance to numerous transit systems in the state. And the Office of Transportation Safety helps local law enforcement agencies with special funds to apprehend drunk drivers and increase use of safety belts."


  1.  "CDOT Website"

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