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Coalition for Rainforest Nations is an organization based in New York, New York: Energy Resources.


"The participants within the Coalition for Rainforest Nations seek responsible stewardship of the World's last great rainforests through innovative strategies which integrate social, economic and scientific rationales to achieve environmental sustainability."


"The Coalition for Rainforest Nations seeks to underpin lasting environmental sustainability and economic advancement with strengthened technical capacity and international market reform designed to enhance tropical forest stewardship, biodiversity conservation and global climate stability."


"The Rainforest Coalition endeavors to move from unsustainable to sustainable use of the forests, and in the process, members will be able to: Manage tropical rainforest areas in support of climate stability, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and poverty alleviation Improve the living standards of people living in forest area Guarantee the long-term security of their living standards Set a precedent for other similarly forested countries.

The Rainforest Coalition seeks to achieve environmental sustainability by developing viable economic alternatives for tropical forest resource-owners through:

  • utilizing selective logging practices,
  • harnessing and remunerating the carbon sequestration and absorption capabilities of the rainforest,
  • by valuing biodiversity,
  • by facilitating eco-friendly community businesses and
  • by avoiding deforestation and the associated pulsed releases of carbon.

Such innovation is necessary in order to reduce the destruction of the tropical rainforest while creating sustainable social and economic development."


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