Climate Technology Initiative Training Courses

From Open Energy Information

"Training courses are organised in collaboration with relevant international organisations, with a focus on the special requirements and circumstances of the target countries/regions. Specific activities include:

  1. Capacity building for technology needs assessment, project planning and assessment, and establishment of institutional settings;
  2. Information dissemination about environmentally sound technologies and best practices appropriate to the region and circumstances of the target country;
  3. Identification of financing needs and alternative means of project financing;
  4. Exchange of experiences in the use of successful environmental and energy policy instruments (e.g. law, taxes, subsidies etc.)
  5. Professional education and training;
  6. Initiation and strengthening of networking between agencies/centres for energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy; and,
  7. Facilitating interaction between governments, agencies, and relevant international and other organisations."


  1.  "CTI Training Courses"