Climate Change Capacity Development (C3D+)

From Open Energy Information

"The Capacity Development for Adaptation to Climate Change & GHG Mitigation in Non-Annex I Countries, or C3D+ Initiative, is a new initiative building upon past experience, launched in 2009. The C3D+ is a new step forward, directly involving seven centers of excellence and covering almost 30 developing countries that will benefit from a training programme on climate change related issues.

The objective of this project is to improve the ability of developing countries to address climate change by the development of adaptation measures and the planning of mitigation strategies.

The C3D+ reinforces the network's ability to deliver targeted training and capacity development at the national and regional levels with the three following strategic objectives:

  • An improved participation of developing countries in the UNFCCC process;
  • A timely implementation of the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol by developing countries;
  • A better coordination & integration of national climate policies into sustainable development policies."


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