Climate Change: building the resilience of poor rural communities

From Open Energy Information


"Adaptation to climate variability has been a de facto part of IFAD’s work for decades, through its efforts to build the resilience of poor rural people to difficult conditions. More recently, in response to the growing magnitude of climate change, IFAD is increasingly integrating adaptation into its projects and programmes and exploring innovative solutions, such as supporting crop research and index-based weather risk insurance.

Climate change considerations are beginning to be incorporated into every aspect of IFAD’s work, from project design, to implementation and assessment to ensure that adequate attention is given to reducing the vulnerability of smallholder farmers to increased climatic uncertainty. Steps are also being taken to ensure that mitigation measures are credible and can be feasibly implemented.

IFAD’s programmes and projects primarily support four types of adaptation activity: diversifying livelihoods to reduce risk; improving agricultural techniques and technologies; strengthening community-based natural resource management; and preparing for risk and coping with disaster. IFAD is also stepping up its work on mitigation efforts in the areas of reforestation and improving land-use management, including rewards for environmental services and promoting renewable energy sources. Developing countries are critically short of resources for fighting climate change. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change estimates that at least US$83 billion per year will be needed by 2030 to protect the livelihoods of poor rural people in developing countries. IFAD is committed to working with developing countries to gain access to the financial resources needed to mitigate climate change. Our experience shows that the most effective way to reduce poverty and increase food security is to ensure that poor rural people are involved in development planning and policymaking, and in implementing change themselves."


  1.  "Climate Change: building the resilience of poor rural communities"