China-REEEP EERE Activities

From Open Energy Information

REEEP activities in China include:

  1. Road-map development for government procurement for energy-efficient products among APEC economies - Harmonisation roadmap for government procurement for energy efficient products through market and policy research.
  2. National Action Plan for Rural Biomass Renewable Energy Development in China - To develop a National Action Plan for rural biomass based energy in China with supporting documentation.
  3. Business Model Development for Biogas Electric Power Generation at Livestock Farms in China - A business model to design, finance, build, integrate, and operate large-scale biogas facilities at livestock farms in China through market channels
  4. Development of Evaluation Criteria for LEDs to support NDRC's Energy Efficiency Policy Implementation - To develop a set of up-to-date practical test methods and evaluation criteria for LED lighting products in China, and use the technical # methods established to steer the development of the LED lighting industry as a whole.
  5. Promoting Sustainable Finance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects in China - To develop a transparent and competitive financial market so that a wide range of financial tools and risk mitigation instruments are available for RE and EE projects in China.
  6. Breaking the risk barrier for institutional investment in clean energy in emerging markets
  7. China roadmap for 30% renewable energy penetration by 2030
  8. Development of energy consumption quota for government agencies in Chongqing, China
  9. Efficiency Power Plant (EPP) Implementation in Jiangsu, China
  10. Identifying corporate best practice in clean energy in emerging economies
  11. Market-based operating mechanism for large-scale biogas plants in China
  12. Millennium Development Goal Financing Facility (MDGFF) ? Participatory Business Planning
  13. Panzhihua?s Pilot Action towards Sustainable Energy City
  14. Policy support for Beijing's industrial energy planning
  15. REEEP Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Status Report on China
  16. Roadmap for small wind power in China
  17. Scale-up of Gold Standard expertise in emerging markets
  18. Study on a financing mechanism to accelerate building energy efficiency in China


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