Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies

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"Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies is an organization based in Churchill Victoria, Australia. The Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies provides investment funds and support services for the development of new sustainable energy technologies.

The aim of the Centre is to facilitate investment in new sustainable energy and greenhouse gas reduction technologies and capitalise both on Australia's specific energy sector requirements and the existing clear global export opportunities.

Technology application can be across the entire energy spectrum from generation, transmission and distribution to end use applications - focussing on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction outcomes.

While the Centre's investments are across the entire Research, Development, Demonstration and Commercialisation (RDD&C) spectrum, the main focus is on the Development to Demonstration phase, bridging the gap between R&D and Commercialisation.

Research has shown that a significant gap exists in investment in this area as it rests between the well-funded R&D stage and the focus of industry and investors on the commercialisation of proven new technologies and market opportunities.

The Centre's investments are managed through Cleantech Ventures Pty Ltd, a specialist venture capital fund manager with expertise in the cleantech sector including new technologies in the energy, water, waste and recycling.

Investment applications must meet eligibility criteria before being evaluated on technical, legal and commercial merit through the investment process.

The Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies Pty Ltd is a private company managing a pool of funds allocated to it by the Victorian Government."


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