California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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California Department of Fish & Wildlife is an organization based in Sacramento, California: Energy Resources. It is divided into seven different regions to uphold water quality standards and land management practices to vitalize plant and animal habitats.


“The Mission of the Department of Fish and Wildlife is to manage California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.”


Data and Technology: This division manages biographic data with Geographic Information System (GIS) and participates in the agency’s “leadership, policy and standards setting” agenda.

Administration: This division sells sport fishing and hunting licenses, while also handling the budget, accounting, business, and grants.

Law Enforcement: Their mission is to protect California natural resources and provide public safety through effective and responsive law enforcement. The Spill and Prevention office is required to respond to spill and Hazmat occurrences to protect the state’s water quality.

Ecosystem Conservation: This division has two main subsidiaries.

  • The Habitat Conservation subset has eight programs to ensure water quality, endangered species protection, forest sustainability, healthy freshwater systems, conservation, and native species health.
  • The Water Branch’s mission is, “to fulfill our public trust responsibility to the State of California by providing sound leadership in the balanced and integrated management of California's water resources, for the benefit of aquatic and terrestrial species and those habitats upon which they depend.”

Climate Science and Renewable Energy: This division was created “to address climate change adaptation and mitigation and renewable energy development in a meaningful way that protects not only fish, wildlife, and habitats, but the economy and citizens of California.”

Wildlife and Fisheries: The Wildlife subsidiary manages both game and non-game wildlife, their habitat, and holds investigation labs. The Fisheries subsidiary manages hatcheries, aquaculture, specific fish species, restoration efforts, and agency grants.


  1.  "California Department of Fish & Wildlife"

Wildlife Branch Chief


Fisheries Branch Chief

Stafford Lehr
(916) 327-8840

California Environmental Protection Agency-Instream Flows Supervisor

Daniel Worth