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"FAO's new model is based on a determination to learn from the Organization's experience and will require new mechanisms that allow and provide incentives for staff of different disciplines, working on related themes but in different units or locations, to work together collegially towards the development of best practices and the achievement of shared goals.(FAO, November 2005)

In the spirit of FAO's stronger focus on knowledge sharing, this new FAO Best Practices Web site provides a series of summaries that introduce some best practices in FAO's areas of expertise. It also provides links to further resources with supporting technical information.

The practices have been divided by theme. They have been adopted successfully in more than one region and are interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex nature of the problems addressed. The examples chosen have emerged from consultation with FAO staff both in the field and at headquarters.

These summaries represent an important first step in synthesizing the Organization's broad range of experience from programmes and projects to make it more widely available not only to those within the Secretariat and in FAO's technical cooperation programmes, but also to policy-makers and practitioners. It is meant to inspire action for those tackling similar issues.

More best practices will be identified and added to this site; existing practices will be modified in light of new experiences learned. All comments are welcome."


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