Applying Climate Information for Adaptation Decision-Making: A Guidance and Resource Document

From Open Energy Information

This guidance document intends to provide countries with a practical tool on using climate information in their decision-making processes. This guide addresses these issues of adaptation planning under uncertainty of observed and projected climate change.


This document is intended for experts engaged in climate risk policy assessments and consultants advising the design and implementation of adaptation policies and projects at national and sectoral levels. Particularly, scientists and consultants/ technical advisors involved in the preparation of Second National Communications (SNCs) from non-Annex I parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are encouraged to refer to this guidance for the preparation of the ‘vulnerability and adaptation to climate change’ section of the SNC documents. Users of this guide are expected to have a basic understanding of climate risk assessments, potential uses and limitations of climate information, and the process of adaptation decision-making.