An isotopic study of the Coso, California, geothermal area

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Conference Proceedings: An isotopic study of the Coso, California, geothermal area

Thirty-nine water samples were collected from the Coso geothermal system and vicinity and were analyzed for major chemical constituents and deltaD and delta^18/O. Non-thermal ground waters from the Coso Range were found to be isotopically heavier than non-thermal ground waters from the Sierra Nevada to the west. The deltaD value for the deep thermal water at Coso is similar to that of the Sierra water, suggesting that the major recharge for the hydrothermal system comes from the Sierra Nevada rather than from local precipitation on the Coso Range. The delta^18/O values of the thermal water are about 7^0//00 heavier than those of the Sierra water. This shift in delta^ 18/O is the result of water-rock reaction at high temperatures, and the magnitude of the shift indicates that the ratio of rock to total water has been large for the system up to its present stage of development. The isotopic data are compatible with the geochemical model previously proposed by Fournier.

Fournier, R.O.; Thompson and J.M.  

Transactions - Geothermal Resources Council, 10/1/1982

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Fournier, R.O.; Thompson, J.M.  . 10/1/1982. An isotopic study of the Coso, California, geothermal area. Proceedings of (!) ; (!) : Transactions - Geothermal Resources Council.

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