Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

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Mission statement

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation promotes the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of our nation’s diverse historic resources, and advises the President and the Congress on national historic preservation policy.

—adopted by ACHP membership January 2011


The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is an independent federal agency that promotes the preservation, enhancement, and productive use of our nation's historic resources, and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy.

The goal of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), which established the ACHP in 1966, is to have federal agencies act as responsible stewards of our nation's resources when their actions affect historic properties. The ACHP is the only entity with the legal responsibility to encourage federal agencies to factor historic preservation into federal project requirements.

As directed by NHPA, the ACHP serves as the primary federal policy advisor to the President and Congress; recommends administrative and legislative improvements for protecting our nation's heritage; advocates full consideration of historic values in federal decisionmaking; and reviews federal programs and policies to promote effectiveness, coordination, and consistency with national preservation policies.

ACHP Activities

The ACHP's 23 statutorily designated members, including the Chairman who heads the agency, address policy issues, direct program initiatives, and make recommendations regarding historic preservation to the President, Congress, and heads of other federal agencies. Members meet four times per year to conduct business.

An Executive Committee, headed by the Chairman and Vice Chairman, governs agency operations such as management, budget, legislative policy, and oversight of the most prominent Section 106 cases. Also serving on the Executive Committee are the Departments of Interior and Defense and ACHP members who chair three standing committees that correspond to the ACHP's three program areas.

Preservation Initiatives focuses on partnerships and program initiatives such as heritage tourism to promote preservation with groups such as state and local governments, Indian tribes, and the private sector. Communications, Education, and Outreach conveys the ACHP's vision and message to constituents and the general public through public information and education programs and a public recognition program for historic preservation achievement. Federal Agency Programs administers the National Historic Preservation Act's Section 106 review process and works with federal agencies to help improve how they consider historic preservation values in their programs. A Budget and Planning Committee is convened under the direction of the Vice Chairman and advises the Chairman and management on budget formulation and execution, management and implementation of the strategic plan, and serves as the audit committee on behalf of the membership.

A professional staff that supports the ACHP's daily operations is headquartered in Washington, D.C.


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