APEC-Alternative Transport Fuels: Implementation Guidelines

From Open Energy Information

"Worldwide, there are at least 35 million vehicles already operating on some form of alternative transport fuel and many millions more that are fuelled by blends with conventional gasoline and diesel or powered by electricity. Many alternative fuel programs are being, or have been, implemented. Some of these have been successful and some have not. The aim of this study is to identify, analyse, and draw on these experiences to formulate a set of guidelines that APEC economies can follow to implement their own alternative transport fuel programs successfully. In pursuing this aim, it is noted that the most of the existing alternative transport fuel programs, both within APEC and worldwide, are at various stages of the research, demonstration and development (RD&D) process and have not yet achieved full scale commercial operation. While noting many of these are RD&D activities, this study is concerned primarily with the commercial introduction of alternative transport fuels and the lessons that can be learned from these commercial experiences."


  1.  "APEC-Alternative Transport Fuels: Implementation Guidelines"