400kW Geothermal Power Plant at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

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Journal Article: 400kW Geothermal Power Plant at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

This document represents the final report for Chena Hot Springs Geothermal Power PlantProject. The objective of this project has been to install two 200kW Organic RankineCycle (ORC) geothermal power plants at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, for a totalgenerating capacity of 400kW. The Chena plant is the first geothermal power plantinstalled in the State of Alaska, and serves as a demonstration of the technology for ruralAlaska. The geothermal power plant has been operating with 95% availability since theinstallation of the first 200kW unit in July, 2006, and has relegated diesel generation to asupplemental and backup role in power generation for the site. The power plant operatedfor over 3000 hours in 2006, generating 578,550kWhrs and displacing 44,500 gallons indiesel fuel. In 2007, the project is expected to generate 3 million kWhrs of cleangeothermal power and displace 224,000 gallons of diesel for an estimated savings of$550,000.The geothermal power plant installed at Chena Hot Springs has reduced the cost of powerfrom 30� per kWhr to 5� per kWhr, with further reductions expected once loans to fundproject infrastructure are repaid. Maintenance cost for the power plant is expected to be1� per kWhr. This dramatic decrease in the cost of power has led to new development atChena Hot Springs. A 5,000ft2 year-round geothermally heated greenhouse was installedin 2006 to supplement existing greenhouse production onsite. This greenhouse representsa 60kW additional electric load 18 hours per day, and was cost prohibitive prior toinstallation of the new power plant. To operate the new production greenhouse facility,an additional 1.5 fulltime positions were added. The number of guests using the ChenaHot Springs Resort facilities increased 8.8% during 2006, which can at least in part beattributed to publicity surrounding the renewable energy projects and geothermal powerplant. An extensive expansion of the pool building is planned for 2007 to accommodateexpected future increases.

Chena Power LLC.

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Final Report prepared for Alaska Energy Authority, 2007

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Chena Power LLC.. 2007. 400kW Geothermal Power Plant at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska. Final Report prepared for Alaska Energy Authority. (!) .