2011 APTA Public Transportation Fact Book

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"The Public Transportation Fact Book (formerly the Transit Fact Book) was first published in 1943. Available data are expanded by standard statistical methods to estimate U.S. national totals. All data are for the U.S. only, except for the section on Canada. Data for Canada were provided by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). This book includes only public transportation data and excludes taxicab, unregulated jitney, school, sightseeing, intercity, charter, and military services, and services not available to the general public, or segments of the general public (e.g., governmental and corporate shuttles), and special application systems (e.g., amusement parks, airports, and the following types of ferry service: international, rural, rural interstate, and urban park). Data are based on the annual National Transit Database (NTD) report published by the U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA). APTA supplements these data with special surveys. Where applicable, data are calculated based on 2000 U.S. Census Bureau urbanized area population categories. Because data are reported to the NTD based on transit agency fiscal years rather than calendar years, data listed for a particular year are necessarily extrapolations of the sum of data reported for all fiscal years ending in a particular calendar year. All Canadian data are based on calendar years. Public Transportation Fact Book data differ from national total data reported in the NTD in two ways: (1) Fact Book data are expanded to include all United States public transportation, while totals reported in the NTD are limited to summation of those systems reporting data in the NTD. Systems not currently included in NTD totals are small transit operators given waivers from NTD reporting requirements, some private operators not contracting with public agencies, and some operators who choose not to participate in the NTD. Data from rural operators in the NTD is limited. (2) The Fact Book reports some data collected by APTA surveys and not taken from the NTD. Any such data are noted on tables in this book."


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