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General contracting in renewable energy industry

Rentechno is an engineering group of companies with headquarters in Kiev, branches in Kirovohrad and Kherson region. In our headquarters operates its own engineering and design department, the department of capital construction, and project office. The company maintained and operate the appropriate organizational structure, staff, equipment and permissions for the timely implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources at the highest level of quality.

Renteсhno offers general contracting projects in the implementation of renewable energy in the first place — in the field of solar energy and biomass utilization. We have extensive experience in a variety of formats, including acting as an EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), manage projects on the model of EPCM (EPC Management), working as a DD&CC contractor (Development, Design, Construction and Commissioning) and provide separate services and engineering services (O&M) of the alternative energy. As a general contractor, we carry out the work of real estate development, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, as well as ready to accompany projects as a representative of the customer.

Our professional management team with experience in implementing complex industrial projects supported by a team of highly qualified engineers with experience in power electronics, networking and communications systems, the management of industrial enterprises. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work as a contractor or general contractor.

In our work, we make extensive use of methods and tools of project management. The company has established and successfully operates a project office, acting as a single project management, development of standardized project management methodology, analysis and monitoring of their implementation, training of project management techniques and many others. One of our popular services — a turnkey PV power plants, resulting in you get a full range of calculations, design, construction, installation and maintenance of the object.

Solar power plants construction and commissioning in Ukraine

Renteсhno company is ready to offer all the necessary services and the general contractor (EPC contractor) in any projects related to the introduction of renewable energy sources, in particular — the construction of solar power plants in Ukraine. Our services among others include the installation of foundations for the installation of supporting metal or trackers, installation of cable networks and the installation of protective equipment, commissioning and commissioning of individual complex hybrid power systems commissioning of relay control and security, installation of monitoring systems, sensors and actuators, and much more.

The use of solar energy — a technology for the future, because it is used essentially inexhaustible source of energy, moreover, is ecologically safe. Particularly advantageous construction of a solar power plant in the southern regions, where the active solar radiation opens up the possibility of production of electricity.

The staff of our company are specialists in solar energy, which are regularly improving their skills, and practical experience Renteсhno — already more than a dozen well-functioning projects. So if you are interested in services for the construction of solar power plants — welcome to contact our company. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work, including as a general contractor.

Renteсhno has basic equipment and techniques to perform civil works and installation of solar power plants. We manufacture, installation and construction work for roof and ground-based solar power. Our company has gained extensive practical experience in the installation of solar panels on almost all types of roofs. If necessary Renteсhno conducts training of plant personnel, thus reducing the risks of its further exploitation.

Equipment procurement for solar power plants

One of the priorities of our company — is to provide maximum services from a single source that allows the customer to get the most rational and balanced solution. An important step is the selection of suitable equipment and effectively solve the technical problems of the client. Company Renteсhno works without long chains of intermediaries, and in most cases has established a direct contractual relationship with the manufacturers. This scheme allows us not only to provide customers with the most favorable conditions for the guarantee, but also provide competitive quotations.

In most cases, carrying out projects «turnkey», we refuse to represent the interests of any single vendor in favor of the maximum satisfaction of our customers. That is why for each item we try to work with multiple vendors. Our experts conducted a thorough analysis and selected the most reliable suppliers of quality equipment for each of the activities of our company. In any case, we can offer you the optimal configuration of the object equipment, specific to the area and all of your needs. Cooperating with Renteсhno, you can be sure that you will get absolutely adequate level of spending on equipment and accessories.

From Renteсhno you can buy all kinds of equipment and accessories for installation on your site or retrofitting of solar power plants of various types (on-grid, autonomous, reserve, hybrid). We will find you solar panels, inverters, trackers or supporting metal, solar cables, charge controllers, batteries and other necessary equipment.

Renteсhno working closely with financial institutions operating in Ukraine. Our financial management has developed and offers a number of tools aimed at reducing the capital cost of customers through effective credit schemes with competitive interest rates, and we will find the most efficient solution for your project.

Thus, we are ready to provide full-service, if you are interested in solar power. The sale of our solutions is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, our company provides a detailed description of solar power, performance and various recommendations concerning the object, calculate the expected power and so on.

Operating and maintenance (O&M) — Renewable energy

It is no secret that the maintenance of solar power plants, as well as other kinds of engineering systems requires certain skills and abilities. Our company not only provides training your employees responsible for the operation of designed and built our systems engineering, but also, in the case of appropriate arrangements, will take on a full range of periodic maintenance and repair.

Planned and timely maintenance of the equipment will allow you to reduce the cost of its maintenance and repair, as well as to increase the lifespan. We know how important continuity of service of all installed equipment. For any unexpected stop entails financial losses. To prevent accidents, as well as their operative elimination, we offer you services for diagnosis of technical condition of the equipment; periodic and routine maintenance; mobile team to conduct emergency repairs; services for installation supervision and commissioning work at the construction site; Supply of spare parts for equipment made by different manufacturers.

Depending on your preferences, we offer a one-time departures engineer if you have problems or complex service object of the contract. Preferring an integrated approach, you get the advantages of fast delivery of spare parts of key components, making them a permanent presence at our own warehouse Renteсhno; instant troubleshooting via secure service team on site; Fault prevention through periodic estimation of the technical state of the key pieces of equipment. Production and technical base Renteсhno can not only perform standard types of repairs, but also, if necessary, promptly repair or even produce parts, not waiting for them to replace the original equipment manufacturer.


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