"The Future of Geothermal Energy” and Its Challenges

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Conference Paper: "The Future of Geothermal Energy” and Its Challenges

The widely renowned M.I.T. study “The Future of Geothermal Energy” (2006) determined recoverable EGS resources > 200,000 EJ alone for the USA, corresponding to 2,000 times the annual primary energy demand. To universally and globally utilize these immense resources exciting R&D problems need to be tackled: 1) Development of a technology to produce electricity and/or heat from a basically ubiquitous resource, independent of site subsurface conditions (“EGS technology”); 2) acquiring experience about possible changes of an EGS heat exchanger with time; 3) Upscaling EGS power plant capacity from the currently few MWe to several 10 – 100 MWe.

Ladislaus Rybach

World Geothermal Congress; Bali, Indonesia; 2010/04/25

International Geothermal Association, 2010

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Ladislaus Rybach. 2010. "The Future of Geothermal Energy” and Its Challenges. In: Proceedings 2010. World Geothermal Congress; 2010/04/25; Bali, Indonesia. Bali, Indonesia: International Geothermal Association; p. 4