10 datasets found

  • Fallon FORGE GIS and Downhole Well Lithology Data

    ArcGIS Map Package with MT Station Locations, 2D Seismic Lines, Well data, Known Regional Hydrothermal Systems, Regional Historic Earthquake Seismicity, Regional Temperature...
  • Proposed Drill Sites

    Proposed drill sites for intermediate depth temperature gradient holes and/or deep resource confirmation wells. Temperature gradient contours based on shallow TG program and...
  • Preliminary Drill Sites

    Preliminary locations for intermediate depth temperature gradient holes and/or resource confirmation wells based on compilation of geological, geophysical and geochemical data...
  • Hot Pot Fault Summary

    Compilation of faults interpreted from seismic reflection survey and from field observations.
  • Regional Geologic Map

    Shaded relief base with Hot Pot project area, generalized geology, selected mines, and major topographic features
  • Hot Pot Contoured Temperature Gradient Map

    Temperature gradient contours derived from Oski temperature gradient hole program and from earlier published information.
  • Hot Pot Mercury Concentration Map

    Location of sample points and analytical results for mercury concentrations from a soil survey.
  • Hot Pot Complete Bouguer Gravity Map

    Contoured Bouguer gravity survey with lease block outline in 2010 and location of hot springs.
  • Hot Pot Field Observations

    Map of field observations including depressions, springs, evidence of former springs, travertine terraces and vegetation patterns. Map also contains interpretation of possible...
  • Location Map

    Map file package containing shaded relief base with Hot Pot project area, major roads, railroads, and rivers. The inset map shows regional Paleozoic structural elements.