U.S. State Wind Resource Potential

Estimates for each of the 50 states and the entire United States showing the windy land area with a gross capacity factor (without losses) of 30% and greater at 80-m height above ground and the wind energy potential from development of the “available” windy land area after exclusions. The “Installed Capacity” shows the potential megawatts (MW) of rated capacity that could be installed on the available windy land area, and the “Annual Generation” shows annual wind energy generation in gigawatt-hours (GWh) that could be produced from the installed capacity. AWS Truewind, LLC developed the wind resource data for windNavigator with a spatial resolution of 200 m. NREL produced the estimates of windy land area and windy energy potential, including filtering the estimates to exclude areas unlikely to be developed such as wilderness areas, parks, urban areas, and water features (see the "Wind Resource Exclusion Table" sheet within the Excel file for more detail).

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