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Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) is a new, multi-year, multi-stakeholder U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research and development initiative tasked with improving wind plant performance and mitigating risk and uncertainty to achieve substantial reduction in the cost of wind energy production.

The A2e strategic vision will enable a new generation of wind plant technology, in which smart wind plants are designed to achieve optimized performance stemming from more complete knowledge of the inflow wind resource and complex flow through the wind plant.

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Project: Improving the Mapping and Prediction of Offshore Wind Resources

With few weather observations over the coastal Atlantic Ocean, atmospheric models are an essential bridge to map offshore wind resources and forecast wind power potential, up to hours or days in advance. Unfortunately, these models have large wind speed uncertainties over the ocean, especially at wind turbine height a few hundred feet above the ocean.

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Dataset Overview


These files contain the observational data from the EZFlight aircraft that was taken and has been processed by the Stonybrook team.

All data here is 20 Hz.

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Data access is enabled only after registering with A2e.

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