Zhuhai Oil Energy Science and Technology

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Zhuhai Oil Energy Science and Technology is a company based in Zhuhai, China: Energy Resources.

Zhuai Oil Energy produces biofuels and recently increased its production capacity to 60 metric tons per hour. It has a signed contract to provide biofuel to a Chinese power company.

Zhuhai Oil Energy, including its intellectual property, will be purchased by Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp, a California medical testing company.

"While coal remains the primary fuel for electricity production throughout most of China, the situation in Guangdong is very different with the province having built more than 10 million kW of fuel oil power generation over the past two decades to meet electricity demands from the rapidly growing export-oriented manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta. Environmental pressures are forcing a rapid change in electricity generation throughout Guangdong with many of these Guangdong fuel oil power plants turning toward natural gas or other cleaner burning products. Zhuhai has already signed one major contract to supply a local power plant with its low carbon footprint fuel blend and it will seek to supply its product to other power plants as additional production capacity is added. "


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