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This widget displays a Google Map with the specified area as a shaded circle, based on one lat/long coordinate. Built to pair with the Widget:GoogleAreaMap.

  • title - The name, word, or phrase you would like to associate with the area. (Required)
  • lat - The latitude of the center of the circle. (Required)
  • lng - The longitude of the center of the circle. (Required)
  • color - The color of the area shading (will be slightly transparent, default: #FF0000).
  • radius - The radius of the circle on the map, in meters. (default: 10000)
  • zoom - The zoom level of the initial map, from 1 (world) to 20 (buildings). (default: 10)
  • width - The width of the map to display, in px. (default: 500)
  • height - The height of the map to display, in px. (default: 300)
  • margin - Optional margin values, per CSS syntax. See example below with "20px auto" to center map. (default: 0 / floats left)

|title=Sample Circle
|margin=20px auto