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PLEASE NOTE - this widget has errors with the recent OpenEI upgrade (April/May 2017). It is not recommended for use in any new pages.

This widget displays a javascript link, that will pop up a dialog window displaying the contents of the (hidden) element on the page provided. The dialog has a single button that dismisses the dialog.

  • link - link text to display
  • type - type of content:
    • id - id of element on the page, the contents of that element will be displayed in the dialog
    • sibling - the "id" is the class name of a sibling element, the contents of that element will be displayed in the dialog
      • the widget and sibling should be within a common container (eg div, td), so the sibling element can be found
    • img - the id is an image to be displayed in the dialog
      • NOTE: the first time the dialog is displayed, it will not be centered unless the width is specified
    • content - the id is the actual content to be displayed in the dialog
    • url - the "id" is an external URL
      • NOTE: the dialog can be resized, but the iframe doesn't resize with it. This should be enhanced at some point.
      • NOTE: the iFrame is created with the specified width & height, but doesn't change in size with the dialog. A event handler needs to be added to support that functionality
  • id - depends on the "type"
  • alt - alt text for the link (optional)
  • title - title to display in dialog (optional, default : no title)
  • button - text to display in the button (optional, default: Close)
  • width - width of dialog (optional, default: auto)
  • height - height of dialog (optional, default: auto)
  • class - optional class(es) to add to the resulting <a> element
  • style - optional styles to apply to the generated <a> element
|link=Click here
|alt=just to explain why you want to see the lightbox
|title=Title on Lightbox
|style=margin:0px auto;

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