West Village Net-Zero Campus

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Net Zero:
A building, home, or community that offsets all of its energy use from renewable energy available within the community's built environment.
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The West Village Net-Zero Campous at University of California Davis near Sacramento, California is a large project to build a part of campus to net-zero.


The campus, in its initial phase, will cover 130 acres on campus, and when completed will be large enough to house 3,000 students.

The project is part of a collaboration with Carmel Partners and Urban Villages, both real estate development companies that specialize in sustainable designs.

Net Zero energy use means that a building or home creates as much energy as it uses, or offsets the amount of energy it uses through its own creation of solar, wind, geothermal, or passive energy means. Many newer homes, office buildings, and college campuses are creating buildings that target net zero energy use.

Video of the project

This is a public video explaining the development of the project at University of California Davis.