WattCafe Green Button

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WattCafe Green Button uses uploaded Green Button data to veiw a variety of information, analyses and trends on dynamic dashboards.

This software is a web based application that allows a customer to upload Green Button data, view a variety of information, analyses, trends simply and efficiently on dynamic dashboards (monitors, tablets, smart phone, touch screen kiosks, etc.). The application is suitable for a wide variety of energy users including residential, commercial and industrial customers, so long as they are provided the Green Button 15-minute or hourly usage data for electricity.

Information presented helps tell the story on what is happening. In addition the application has three other unique features: (1) It estimates Photovoltaic power production for a customer defined project and compares the same with energy purchased, (2) It provides useful energy tips on energy efficiency and demand reduction, (3) It monitors outside weather and provides context sensitive tips on how to set the air conditioning set points that can reduce energy use.[1]

This Apps for Energy Challenge application has a companion online video.


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