Water Sampling At Yellowstone Region (Hurwitz, Et Al., 2007)

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Exploration Activity: Water Sampling At Yellowstone Region (Hurwitz, Et Al., 2007)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Yellowstone Caldera Geothermal Region
Exploration Technique Water Sampling
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

In this paper, we present and evaluate a chemical dataset that includes the concentrations and fluxes of HCO3_, SO42_, Cl_, and F_ in rivers draining YNP for the 2002-2004 water years (1 October 2001 - 30 September 2004). These solutes were chosen because they are likely derived in part, from the magmatic volatiles CO2, SO2, H2S, HCl, HF (Symonds et al., 2001). Weekly to monthly sampling enables the examination of spatial and temporal patterns of flux among the different solutes, which in turn, permits inference of large-scale processes in the hydrothermal system, as well as the influence of climatic and hydrologic factors.

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