Water Sampling At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Wood, 2002)

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Exploration Activity: Water Sampling At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Wood, 2002)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Dixie Valley Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Water Sampling
Activity Date 1997 - 2001
Usefulness could be useful with more improvements
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
The goal of this project was to create a database of rare earth elements found in exploration for geothermal resources.
Geothermal fluids from hot springs and wells were sampled and analyzed from various geothermal locations including Dixie Valley. The Fluids were analyzed for content of rare earth elements. The results showed highly variable content of rare earth elements from site to site. Samples from Dixie Valley were collected in December of 1998, many but not all of the wells were sampled. The geothermal fluids from Dixie Valley were low in rare earth elements; this is thought to be related to characteristics of the fluid at Dixie Valley such as a relatively high pH and low concentrations of sulfate and chloride.

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