Water Geochemistry Of The Seferihisar Geothermal Area, Izmir, Turkey

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Journal Article: Water Geochemistry Of The Seferihisar Geothermal Area, Izmir, Turkey

The Na-Cl thermal waters of Seferihisar have measured temperatures of 30-153°C, and conductivities of 7400-55200 μS/cm. They issue from Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene Bornova melange rocks, which are made up of sandstone-shale intercalations, conglomerate, mafic submarine volcanics, limestone lenses, serpentinite and limestone bodies, and their complexes, through the intersection of faults. The clay-rich zones of the overlying Neogene terrestrial sediments cap the system. The heat source is the high geothermal gradient caused by graben tectonics of the area. Na and Cl ions mainly dominate the chemistry of thermal waters, thus thermal waters of the Seferihisar area appear to be mixtures of groundwaters and seawater. The seawater contribution in thermal waters varies from 10% to 80%. Assessments from empirical chemical geothermometers, mineral equilibria and silica-mixing model applied on the thermal waters of the Seferihisar geothermal area suggest that the temperatures of the reservoir systems vary between 60 and 180°C. The Seferihisar geothermal area has been physically divided into five main groups and estimated reservoir temperatures provided by the entire methods give the increase as: Doganbey Burnu, Karakoc spa, Doganbey, Tuzla and Cumali spa areas in ascending order of reservoir temperature. Hydrogeochemical assessments indicate that thermal waters were mixed with cold waters before and/or after heating at depth in different proportions. The results of mineral equilibrium modeling indicate that the thermal waters of Seferihisar are undersaturated with respect to gypsum and amorphous silica, oversaturated with respect to calcite, dolomite and aragonite, and undersaturated or oversaturated with respect to quartz, chalcedony and anhydrite.

Gultekin Tarcan and unsal Gemici

Published Journal 
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2003

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Gultekin Tarcan,unsal Gemici. 2003. Water Geochemistry Of The Seferihisar Geothermal Area, Izmir, Turkey. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. (!) .