Vietnam-Status and Potential for the Development of Biofuels and Rural Renewable Energy

From Open Energy Information


"This study aims to provide a preliminary assessment of the long-term commercial viability of a biofuel program in Viet Nam. Its four main objectives are

  1. to identify promising areas for investment in biofuel development in Viet Nam;
  2. to assess the implications of biofuel development for crop diversification, land use patterns, farm restructuring, and cross-border contract farming;
  3. to determine appropriate public–private partnerships that will help promote market-driven business ventures in the biofuels subsector; and
  4. to review current country policies on bioenergy and provide policy recommendations for a new national strategy.

To meet these objectives, this study surveys and evaluates the

  1. market outlook for biofuels with a review of prospects for supply and demand development;
  2. characteristics of the biofuels resource base,including biofuel feedstocks and production technology;
  3. prioritization of biofuel development based on simple cost–benefit analysis;
  4. biofuels business options and alternative agribusiness models; and
  5. policy, regulatory, and institutional support,and policy gaps in agricultural planning and legislation for biofuel development."


  1.  "Vietnam-Status and Potential for the Development of Biofuels and Rural Renewable Energy"