Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program Summary

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Permitting/Regulatory Guidance - Supplemental Material: Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program Summary


Hydroelectric project proposals meeting certain criteria for limited resource impacts can be permitted more quickly and easily than those with greater impacts. The purpose of this document is to describe those criteria and how developers can obtain a low impact determination and associated stage agency assistance. ANR and SHPO, in coordination with the Vermont Public Service Department (which houses the state energy office) are available to assist developers in identifying the extent of impacts to natural and cultural resources posed by potential projects and how to address those impacts in order to help projects move through the federal and state permitting processes. The agencies have developed a two-step screening process to identify and assist low-impact projects. The first step involves a desktop review of project proposal characteristics, while the second step is based on a site visit (and predicated on successful screening through the first step). The agencies will provide enhanced assistance to projects that screen as low impact, as appropriate (for instance, waiving scoping periods in the FERC process and/or representing to FERC that

agency concerns have been satisfied).

Vermont Public Service Department

Vermont Public Service Department, 2015

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Vermont Public Service Department. 2015. Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program Summary. Vermont Public Service Department. 2p. Supplemental Material sent to