From Open Energy Information

There is increase in pollution so developing country switch towards the renewable source of energy. There are many renewable sources like solar energy, bio energy, wind energy and sea energy. This source helps to prevent pollution. Among them bio energy is most significant as it helps to reduce pollution. Biomass briquettes are used to heat industrial boilers.

After independence there is increase in industries so it if fact that pollution is also increasing. Everyday some chemical process take place and it cause pollution. So [biomass briquetting plant] through we can use his waste efficiently. India is agriculture based country so whatever agriculture residue is available like non use crop and other pesticides. So all these divested material collected and squashed under high pressure without using any ash so it is eco-friendly process to make briquettes.

The price of the petrol, diesel and coal increase so everyone can not affords the price so as alternative biomass briquettes we can use. Scarcity also prevails in the market so there is huge gap between demand and supply of fuel. So [biomass briquette press] helps to fill that gap. And biomass briquettes are safe and unlimited source of energy so we can also protect the future of next generation.