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Nemo Cheung A professional Chinese translator and interpreter in oil and gas industry. Website: E-mail: Mobile: +86.134-0865-3248


Coal conversion (coal pyrolysis, coal-to-liquids, coal-to-methanol, coal gasification, CCT clean coal technology, brown coal upgrading), waste heat recovery for power generation, waste-to-energy, scrap tire pyrolysis, resources utilization, energy conservation, environment protection, water disposal, emission reduction, and renewable energy development.


USED TO BE: A Chengdu-based English=Chinese consecutive interpreter, freelance translator, city tour guide, majorly translating technical manuscripts and interpreting for expats or whoever needs services during their travelling, business trip, cultural trip, and facility visits. Familiar with petroleum engineering knowledge with a 5-year drilling and completion experience in oil and gas fields, also very actively involved in technical meetings and conference.

Active in oil and gas E&P activities mainly on land rigs as a translator/interpreter (5yrs+); Familiar with drilling, completion and workover operations and technologies as someone more than an interpreter; With 7yrs translation experience including 5yrs drilling/completion experience in oil and gas fields; In good relationship with expatriate consultants and service specialists from the world’s top service providers; Being very technical instead of only being linguistic in oil and gas fields; Escorted experts from outside China in multiple occasions on business, technical and travelling trips.

Been freelancing since 2005, serving the individuals and firms with excellent quality and attitude, and teaming up some professional translators, interpreters and linguists together to provide translation, interpretation and touring services among the language pairs of Chinese, English, German, Arabic, Japanese, French, and Chinese local dialects.

If you need any services of Translation, Interpretation, City Tour Guide, Proofreading, please don't hesitate to contact me.


           Petroleum Engineering 
           Drilling: running casing, cementing, directional drilling, mud logging, wireline, fishing, drilling fluids, rig move, rig installation, IADC report...
           Completion & Workover: wellhead installation, liner technology, screen pipe, fracturing, acidizing, pulling plunger, flowback, N2 lift...
           Patents & Invention
           Abstracts, claims and specifications of inventions and utility models.
           Products Brochures (brochures, manuals, and guidances etc.).
           Travelling & Sightseeing (booklet for scienic spots, investment, website, and guiding signs etc.).
           Construction Engineering (bidding documents, CAD drawings, project design, and project reports etc.).
           Government Documents (public affair showboards, development proposals, and city planning etc.).
           Certificates (Certificate of Graduation, Award, Academic Degrees and notarization etc.).
           Academic Papers (graduation papaer, academic paper, professional articles etc.).
           Oversea Study Application
           Study Plan, Transcripts, Study Certificate, Birth Certificate, Income Certificate, Explanation of the Source of Funds, and etc.
           Website Localization
           Specific column, navigators, HTML codes, and words on all pages etc.    
           Customized Services
           Phone, E-mail, letter, resume, TV commercials, and etc.


           Tourist Escort Interpreter
           Engineering On-site Interpreter
           Business Interpreter


           Business Representative (for firms, divisions, offices or international clients etc.);
           Business Promotion (promote on the Internet by posting and managing all web information);
           Tourist Guide (for foreigners in Chengdu);
           U.S. Purchase (buy varieties of commodities from the states). 

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