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 Facility: If the page name is "My School Wind Project", enter "My School" here (without quotes).  Sector: Select "Wind Energy" from the dropdown menu.  Facility Type: Enter "Community Wind".  Number of Generating Units: Enter a number.  Wind Turbine Manufacturer: Enter the manufacturer's name, i.e. "Skystream".  Wind for Schools Portal Turbine ID: This is not the turbine serial number, this is a 6 or 8-digit number derived from the serial number; it contains no dash. If the serial number begins with 30, you must enter all 8 digits: 3012xxxx.  Location: Enter the two-letter state abbreviation.  Number of units: Enter the number of turbines at this location.  Coordinates: Enter the coordinates. As part of this form, OpenEI provides a "Look Up Coordinates" field below the "Coordinates" field. You may simply enter the school address.